Imagine the amount you’d spent on buying 1 designer item, now imagine spending that same amount on rental. You’d literally get 700% more wear out of your investment by renting and wearing 7 items instead of buying just 1, minimizing your fashion carbon footprint at the same time.

This thought provoked our founder, Eeke van Velzen, to create Rerun. Rerun is a fashion rental service, focused on designer pieces you can wear in everyday life. Where most rentals focus on event wear, Eeke is determined in creating a service for your daily life.

‘I believe this is how we can really make a difference in how we consume fashion and create an honest alternative to the constant consumption of seasonal trends and fast fashion.’


At Rerun, we curate a collection of luxury womenswear, a mix of emerging brands, cult labels, and rare vintage pieces. Through this circular access model members can discover and experience brands more deeply without lifelong commitments. We want to create a fashion experience that explores the boundaries of traditional retail and e-commerce. An experience where access is more important than ownership.

‘Our biggest challenge is to shift the consumer's mind from the sense of owning an item to the benefit of actually wearing multiple items at a fraction of the original retail price. Whoever you encounter in life won’t see whether you own something or not, they just see you have amazing style.’


We believe the future of fashion is circular, which is why we founded Rerun in the first place. The rental system is interesting for many reasons, for one; if we double the amount of time a garment is worn we reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 44%. But it also poses challenges, which we are adamant to address.


We made the conscious choice to only enter into partnerships with brands that have a proven track record of sustainable practices. Many don’t follow the seasonal cycle and have certification for numerous aspects of their supply chain.
Investing in vintage pieces for such a large part of our collection made sense, not only for their good looks. We believe it’s very important to invest in better-made clothes that can last a lifetime, loved by various people, and not end up in a landfill after one season.


In addition to prolonging the lifetime of a garment and offering an alternative to seasonal trends and fast fashion, we also focus our attention on our operation and aim to go from minimizing our impact to making a positive impact.


Cleaning our items will always leave some mark on our planet. We’ve partnered with Dobbi, who ensure the most modern techniques and machines, that keep the garments 100% bacteria and virus-free and have the least impact on our environment. 


This is a work in progress. We try to minimize the number of shipments as much as we can while focusing on environmentally friendly shipping options such as bicycle couriers or shippers who offer carbon-neutral shipping.


Currently we use packaging made from recycled materials, but we’re looking into options for reusable packaging to minimize our impact even more.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments regarding our sustainable practices please contact us at